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December 2014
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pari_nicole79 [userpic]
A Mobile Friendly Site!!

Hey guys I've been working on making the website mobile friendly. I found this free service that does all the work for you. I would appreciate if you mobile addicts could check it out for me. I've placed a coding in the header of the site that's suppose to 'detect' the mobile devices and automatically convert the webpages. It's not working for me but could you guys visit the site the normal way to see if it works, if not go thru this link:


Please post your opinions below of email them to me, thanks guys.

**FYI: When you view the story the ad will pop up you can either visit our sponsors or there's an 'X' box to close it out and read the story.


About the xbox hack , you can buy these cards in stores for thier accounts. I service the displays for the cards in Fred's stores. Pay cash and you'll never have to worry about that hack again. I don't know where else they sell them though .

Thank you, yes my BF suggested the very same thing and I had Microsoft remove my card, had my bank issue me a new card and I plan to purchase them from gamestop from now on.