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December 2014
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pari_nicole79 [userpic]
Site is down (7/26/2011)

I trying to find out what the issue is from my host. Stay tuned.


Host says they are looking into the problem. And I'm very tired right have not gotten any sleep, been up for over 24 hours working. So I'm about to shower and head to bed and it's just nearly 6pm here. I doubt I will get back up before tomorrow, so please don't kill me for not posting back to anyone's replies.

Just rest assured knowing that I am aware of the issue and our host is working on it. They're usually quick about fixing issues so hopefully it will not take them too long to access the problem and get it fixed.

Ok Good night.

Another updat

According to my host it's some kind of outages in network, which they are working on. I got up to grab a drink now I'm going back to bed.


They are making some progress but still have fully fixed the problem so if you go to the intro page:


It will pop up but when you venture on to our main site it's a no go, so please be patient and know that they are working on the matter to get it resolved, and understand that some things like networks crashing due to storms, fires, accidents, etc are things beyond my host's control.


Just got this in am email from host:

"The server requires a Filesystem Check. This is currently running and going fairly quickly. The server should be back up and running soon."


Just when I finished posting the last update I got a new one. We're back online!!