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December 2014
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pari_nicole79 [userpic]
Site back online

Hey guys due to a hacking issue and an exploit virus I had taken the site off-line. I upgraded the script so now you need to go through and check things out and make sure everything is running fine.



Thanks for telling, Pari!
I'm late so I didn't notice yet. And LJ wasn't sending out notifications either. *sigh*

Good luck

Thanks ducks. Reminded me to make a donation to keep this shindig online! :D

I tried to access the site twice last night and once this morning. Each time I get a warning of an attack on my system. Just wanted to let you know it seems there is still an issue going on for your site.

Still down?

As of 3PM EST Friday 2/24 IE is not allowing TSR through its filters - the site keeps crashing and is unrecoverable - am I the only one having this issue? or is it an IE thing associated with the new script?

Re: Still down?

I Found the sneaky coded embedded in my footer file. removed it and hiked up security and hopefully it doesn't have again.

It was just a single hidden line of coding of some URL, its been removed and that should be all she wrote.

Test it out and let me know if you get any virus warnings.


Re: Still down?

No virus warnings and it is not crashing but the xml graphics are huge, I'll upload a screenshot to my LJ (rranne) in a few minutes so you can see. I don't have the time right now to check much else out , but will later this evening.