Host took servers offline.

It seems that the servers are down, and not due to me working on them. Apparently it's on my hosts end, they most likely are doing ungraded, which they never alert me about. I have contacted them but have gotten no reply yet. Hoepfully this won't be long and the servers will be back online soon.

Site may temporarily go offline.

Morning all I wanted to let you guys know that the site maybe offline for a week or two. I'm not sure yet.

Yesterday morning my Aunt Nancy passed away, she had no insurance of any kind so, we as a family have to pull our resources together and help pay for everything. That means the $200+ I set aside for paying for this site has to be sacraficed this month, payment was due today. I have already contacted my host to see if they would allow an extention but I'm not sure if they can or will at such short notice. But they might I'm still waiting on a reply. If they don't then they will suspend us, and if nothing else tragic or dramamtic happens it will only be for a week.

Don't mean to upset or bring anyone down, but we want to give our Aunt a nice funeral and it's expensive, why are funeral sooo expensive anyways? So I'm pulling change from every place I can, if I had had warning I would have borrowed from my 401k but as I said it was unexpected and we had no Idea she had no insurance, because she 'seemed' to be living a very comfortable life.

Anyway, I just wanted you guys to know what was what so if you come here and find that the site has been suspended, you'll know why.


Server & all sites are down/offline

Yes I am aware of this 'now' thanks for the email Spikelissa. I have contacted my host to see what's going on, not sure if we've been suspended for some reason, the account has been paid for for this month so I know that, that isn't the issue. Hopefully they're not closed for the holiday and they can get us back up and running soon.

Back Online

OK after an intense search we found the infection. Some of the files under my spikeluver domain were hacked. It's called an 'Iframe Injection Attack' you can read more about it here:

I has to 'manually' remove the scripting from every single infected file, was about 498. Educate yourselves on this. And for those who visited the site 'before' I took it offline, do a virus scan on your pc. Also make sure you have to latest version of whatever browser you use, this will prevent this from happening (I didn't have the latest version but I do now).

Sorry for all the inconvenience guys but if I hadn't taken the site down, your browsers could have been infected by visiting the site. So we're back online, but if ANY of you see ANYTHING odd please let me know ASAP.

Thank you
(I'm gonna go take a freaking nap)

Site Temporarily Suspended

Hey Guys I have suspended the site because I was informed by a member that they got a virus warning when they tried the access the site. I didn't get one and I had the same AVG virus protection. But I still decided to check the server, and I looks like the connection isn't secure. So to be on the safe I am having my host look into this for me, hopefully we will get a quick resolution and have the site back up. I do this for your protection and I hope you understand.

Slow loading

First let me say that the stories are not gone, I know that this morning when I went to read a story and page was blank, 'but' eventually it loaded. For some reason the story pages are loading slowly. I will reboot the server and see if that fixes it. I usually reboot the server monthly, but I have done it in a couple of months now. On that note if you can't access the site, it's because I'm rebooting. So breathe, it's ok :)